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Delicious Butter Chicken

A hearty butter chicken that...

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A variety of Authentic Butter Chicken Indian dishes

Welcome to Butter Chicken Indian, the aromatic and flavorful world of Indian cuisine.

Butter Chicken Indian is not just for the amateur cook or newbie to Indian cooking. Browse through our extensive collection of Indian cooking recipes to select from a variety of North Indian Recipes, Punjabi Recipes, South Indian Recipes, Gujarati Recipes, Bengali Recipes, Rajasthani Recipes, Thai Recipes, Indo Chinese Recipes, Kerala Recipes. Our recipe videos include Vegetarian Indian Recipes, Vegan Recipes, Healthy Indian Recipes as well as Nonveg Indian Recipes.

Our free Indian cooking website will help take the fear out of learning to make delicious Indian food. We hope you will enjoy browsing our Indian Cooking recipes and try making a variety of easy Indian dishes.

Some of the old Butter Chicken Indian dishes were discovered about 5000 years ago. Through out last 5000 years, Indian recipes were constantly improved and modified resulting in its present variety and diversity. Normal Indian dishes are consisted of fruit, vegetables, dairy products, grains, nuts and meat and fishes. Indian cuisine has a large selection of curries, appetizers, snacks, drinks and sweets. As a result of variation in the local culture and geographical location, Indian cuisines differ across different regions of India. Main variations by regions are north Indian food, south Indian food, Punjabi food, Bengali food and Guajarati food.We combine the ancient with the modern and take you down the path to losing yourself in the exotic flavours of INDIA.

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